Dr. Livingston Stone – Fish Culturist, Pioneer in Striped Bass Stocking.

livingston stone
Dr. Livingston Stone was born in Massachusetts in 1836/ he graduated from Harvard in 1857, entered Meadville Theological School, and was ordained a Unitarian Minister, He resigned his clerical duties in 1866 and began a career in fish culture.

In 1870, Dr. Stone was one of the founders of the American Fisheries Society, its first secretary and one of the drafters of its constitution.

In 1872, Dr. Stone was named U.S. Deputy Fish Commissioner and assigned to establish the Baird Hatchery the first Federal fresh water fish hatchery located in California. He published the classic fish culture book “Domesticated Trout” the same year and it soon became a standard manual for fish culture.

In 1873, he was assigned the task of moving fish across the continent by railroad.

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