Happy Holidays from CFFCM

To all of our friends here and far away, we hope you enjoy the spirit of the Holidays and the warmth it brings. From the Staff and Trustees of the Catskill Fly Fishing Center the ambassadors for flyfishing’s past, present and years to come.

President: Miriam Stone
Vice President/Legal Council: Andy Boyar
Secretary: Kelly Buchta
Treasurer: Bob Colson

Executive Director: James Krul
Erin Phelan, Assistant to the Executive Director – Tony and Agnes, Museum Staff


Lindsay Agness, Jim Hynes, Clifford Albertson, John Klemm, Jr., George “Tres” Arnett, Randy Lewis, Timothy O’Brien , Steven Cohen, Ted Patlen, Jed Dempsey, Chris Theising, Denis Fay II, Nancy Taylor, Ross Francis, John Tully, Jerry Girard, Bill Van Gieson, Jennifer Grimes, Terry Shultz, Phil Horowitz, Joan Wulff , Patrick Hughes, Dave Brandt , Sandy Stone


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