A Child’s Eye View

In an insta world filled with technology and fast paced motions, the attraction of the great outdoors is sometimes lost on the younger generation. Often, people inquire on how to get the youth more involved in the angling community. While there is no simple response, I find that spending a few moments sharing your passion with someone outside your peer group is an invitation to teach someone about angling.

This past August during the CFFCM Summerfest, the Trout Unlimited Women’s Initiative hosted a tent geared for introducing youth to fly fishing. Activities ranged from coloring a trout picture, tying a first fly, and even fishing in our own pretend pond on the grass. These activities might seem simplistic, yet they engage little hands and minds. They encourage hand and eye coordination as well as spark creativity and imagination. If our goal is to teach the next generation, work with their age level and skill set. Introduce them to angling with exciting activities and let them be a part of your passion.
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