Bruce Marino – Get to Know a Fly Tyer

Bruce Marino

This week we chat with Bruce Marino of B-Mar Flies in Granby, CT.

Extended Body Sulphur

Could you explain how you got started fly fishing and fly tying?

I learned from my grandfather when I was 7 years old. He spent countless hours teaching me the art of fly tying and fly fishing.

When and where did you tie your first fly?

Dec. 1957 in Rocky Hill, CT at my grandfather’s house.

Who was your mentor?

My grandfather. When I started, he was in his early 50’s and I was his fishing buddy.

What drew you towards fly fishing and fly tying?

It was a combination of both being with my grandfather and being able to catch fish on flies that I tied. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away at an early age, 57. By that time I was 15 and on my way to being a good fly tyer. I was beginning to dabble with my own patterns.

Do you have a favorite river you like to fish?

The Farmington River in CT. It offers a beautiful setting, with plentiful, large fish.
What and pattern of the fly pictured?

You can be seen at fly tying shows with piles of Rats, what can you tell us about them?

They are actually a Lemming pattern and a pattern of my own design. Originally they were tied for use in Labrador. I tried one on the Farmington River at night and was very successful. I now tie 3 different sizes. Personally, I like the largest of the 3 because if I’m going out at 2 in the morning to fish I find that the large pattern catches larger fish.

Tell us about B-Mar Flies…

B-Mar Flies is a flytying business in which I tie flies commercially and teach fly tying.

Be sure to check out Bruce’s website

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