Pink is the New Black

April 2014 the CFFCM held its annual season opener. The theme for the year was titled “Women and Children First in FlyFishing”. To celebrate the occasion, Cortland Line Company created pink fly lines and outfitted each participating woman and child with a reel and line.

One might say fishing with a bright pink line is contradictory, however pink is the new black when it comes to fashionable and stealth fly fishing. The pink lines are outstanding in allowing the angler to track their fly under both the darkest, muddiest and brightest water conditions. They are 90′ weight forward lines, made in the United States, and based off Cortland’s Finesse taper. The line is available in 4w and 5w and feature welded loops on both ends.

I’m certain many of you do not have a pink fly line, so consider purchasing one to add to your collection or as a gift to a new angler. At $45.00, this is a great offer and a unique look on your reel. I’ve fished my line for almost eight months, and have found it to function as both an indicator for my fly as well as tool to improve my casts.

Dette Trout Flies will donate $15 per line to the CFFCM to benefit educational activities, programs and events. Line cost $45.00

Purchase from Dette Trout Flies online at
or by phone (607) 498-4991

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