cffcm logosThe CFFCM logo is recognizable in many places. In recent months, the logo decal has been spotted in several places: from car windows to coffee mugs… notebooks to doors… fly rack to holiday decoration. Whether a member sporting the blue oval, white circle or a supporting business partner, the scope and span of the CFFCM is spread far and wide. The white and blue logos show support for the Center and its mission to preserve the fly fishing heritage, teach the next generation of anglers and promote the future of fly fishing.

It is time for you to be spotted.  Email a picture of your sticker  to for an upcoming post. Let’s see where you show off your support for CFFCM. Consider being a part of the largest fly fishing center in the world. For more information on membership and to get your own sticker, visit the website to sign up or call the Center at (845) 439-4810.

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