Year of the Hendrickson: Gordon’s Style – Ginger Quill

Ginger Quill
by John Bonasera

Theodore Gordon is the father of the Catskill Dry Fly. His flies were a great influence on Roy Steenrod and the other tiers to succeed him, even to this day. The Catskill Dry Fly has not remained static, over the years it has been adapted and refined to what many tiers use today. In this multi-part feature, we will take a look at Theodore Gordon’s style of dry flies by featuring a series of flies both original Gordons and interpretations of modern tiers.

Ginger Quill by John Bonasera
Hook: Allcock Up-eye Mayfly Hook #12
Tail: Ginger Hackle Fibers
Body: Peacock Eye Quill Stripped
Wing: Mallard Quill Slips
Hackle: Ginger Rooster Hackle

Gordon loved tying with stripped peacock eye quills, and wrote that he wished he had them in all colors. Of all the natural materials we use for Catskill dry fly bodies, the stripped peacock quill boasts the most realistic segmentation with its two toned coloration. Its a fragile material, and cuts easily even when small trout teeth touch it, but its ability to almost exactly imitate some of our mayflies outweighs its delicate nature.

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