Year of the Hendrickson: January 19th 1915

Roy Steenrod
Courtesy of Dette Trout Flies

Bradley, N.Y
January 19, 1915

Dear Mr. Steenrod:
I could not imagine what that package of dried figs was! Knight may go to Liberty tomorrow. Twenty-five years ago, and for some years after, crewels were imported from the Far East, Persia, etc. and some of them were beautiful. They were dyed in ancient Asiatic dyes, and made of young angora, or something very fine in the best. I found the best and bought a large quantity of every color, and taking some of each for use, I stored the balance in a white canvas sack, in a relative’s garret, with a few worthless articles. When I had used up the most useful colors I went back to this reserve stock, but it had been stolen or thrown out. A friend found a little second rate crewel and sent me some. If you keep your eyes open you may find a lot in some little shop. The good is absolutely fast and bright in water. I enclosed tow hand which my friend sent to me. It is pretty good but not in color. I send so that you will now the stuff. I first found it in scraps on the porch of a summer hotel and traced it to a lady who was doing fancy work.
Theodore Gordon

Edited by John McDonald, by permission of Theodore Gordon Flyfishers.

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