Fishing Buddies

Most anglers can think about their favorite fly rod, favorite go to fly, and favorite secret spot. Some of us know these items by heart, and are the tried and true when venturing out for a day on the water. In addition to these items, some anglers are fortunate to have a favorite fishing buddy or two. Though there are times that we want to be on the water solo, and soak in the beauty of Mother Nature, our fishing buddy makes the occasion memorable. For me, my favorite fishing buddy is my Dad, Milton. Known to many as Butch, he is often called Big Milt by his daughters. He was the first one who taught my sister and I how to fish at early age, using bobbers to catch snappers off the dock at South Norwalk Boat Club. Years later, he was the first one to increase my interest in fly fishing as we practiced casting a fly rod on the side of the house one spring day. Reflecting on the times we have spent on the water, it is not always about the biggest fish, or the missed hook set, or where to fish; it is about the good times and memories that we share. He calls me a “good little fisher” and is the first one to tell me that was a super or sloppy cast. We are opposites in style and technique. He will fish his favorite flies for a prolonged period of time, while I cycle through my box every ten or so casts. Our similar interests lie in our passion and focus on conservation and education. We spend as much time instructing and volunteering as we do fishing. As far as fishing buddies go, Big Milt tells the best stories, is willing to give a new spot a try and enjoys time on the water. He is willing to stop for a small snack and fish to dark if I asked him to. He is always ready for an adventure and glad to come home and share the highlights of the day with the family. Though winter is far from over, I encourage you to reach out to your fishing buddies. Give them a call. Reminiscence about days past and plan your next outing.

I challenge you to think on your own fishing buddy and what makes him or her unique. In addition, next time you’re on the water, take a moment and share a laugh or two with you buddy…it will certainly be the highlight of your day.

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