Year of the Hendrickson: February 8th 1915

Roy Steenrod
Courtesy of Dette Trout Flies

Bradley, N.Y
February 8, 1915

Dear Mr. Steenrod:
I love to give when I know that I am meeting some desire, or wish. It is one of the greatest pleasures in the world.

It may seem queer, but now that I have the articles on “Hooks” and the photographs, do not want to send it to any one. [See page 381, for this article. –Ed] Getting the photographs of those “Modele Perfect” satisfied me, and I like to take the whole business out of its envelope and look over it.

One magazine wanted it for January, but hey know so little about tackle and sport (at least the proofreaders), that they often make wretched mistakes.

Theodore Gordon

P.S. Where La B. is writing of his own experience, and his own theories he is most interesting, but when he gets off on the books he has read (English) I do not care for it.

These books are bound to have powerful influence on any man for a good many years. I bought Halford’s first two books in 1889 and 1890 or 1891, and was saturated with his ideas. I had a rod built that nearly killed me, and imported a large quantity of best English flies. For years I never dared go fishing without that box of flies to use over rising trout. Then suddenly I discovered that my own flies actually killed better, and I was sorry in many ways.

Edited by John McDonald, by permission of Theodore Gordon Flyfishers.

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