Take a Chance: 2015 RAFFLE ‘500’

The 2015 raffle is here. This year exciting prizes await the lucky winners along with a twist on the traditional raffle. Named the Raffle 500, it is because that is the final number of tickets to be sold. 500 chances for a total of 15 prizes. In addition, each week before the grand prizes are drawn, there is a secondary chance to win. For a $20 ticket, you are entered to win the following:

First Prize: Smithwick / Bogart 6’9” 2 piece / 2 tip Fantasy Bamboo Fly Rod
A collaborative effort by two highly respected and recognized bamboo rodmakers, Tom Smithwick and Chris Bogart. The rod is The Smithwick Fantasy Rod. Tom has a long history of taking concept rodmaking to another dimension. Meanwhile, Chris is one of those precision engineers who accepts any challenge in rod construction and finishing. Put the two together and it usually ends up with a fantasy that comes to life. The Smithwick Fantasy is truly unique. The rod is a full taper cane rod from tip to butt: two-piece with no cork grip. It is all cane with a one of a kind reel seat attachment into an elegant butt cap. It has a spare tip. It comes with a custom wood case made by craftsman Don Taylor. It is truly a piece of work…a true fantasy.

Second Prize: John Peipon 8’6” 4 wt Custom Graphite Fly Rod

Third Prize: John Peipon 9’ 6 wt Custom Graphite Fly Rod

Forth Prize: Hardy LRH LW Fly Reel with Cortland Pink 4wt Fly Line

Fifth Prize: Winner’s choice of any Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line

Sixth to Fifteenth Prize: A Signed Copy of “Land of Little Rivers” by Mac Francis

The earlier you get in, the sooner you have a chance to win an Early Bird weekly prize of a dozen trout flies donated by many different tiers until we reach our goal of 500 tickets. Winning tickets from the weekly Early Bird drawings will be returned to the ticket barrel to get a chance of the top 15 prizes. Take a chance and get in early on this game. All proceeds with benefit the CFFCM. Early Bird drawings will begin on March 20 and continue every Friday. Tickets are $20 each or 6 for $100.

Get your tickets here, call the CFFCM office 845-439-4810 or email flyfish@catskill.net

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