Outside the Lines: Activity & Coloring Book

The CFFCM introduces a first of its kind: an activity and coloring book for children of all ages. This 32 page spiral bound, soft cover book features puzzles, mazes, word searches and more. A delightful story that educates, this book has information on trout feeding patterns, basic entomology, aquatic insect life cycles, fly patterns and catch and release. It also offers pages to be creative where one can draw their own fly pattern and angling adventure.


Hand drawn by Nicole Seymour, the activity book is available for purchase at the Center gift shop, online, or by phone. This book is a good way to introduce the art of angling to a young person and create a passion for the sport. A special thanks to Dette Trout Flies for sponsoring and organizing this project.


Shipping is $2.40 for the first copy & $1.00 for each additional.

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