StreamClean 2015 – April 25th

Our friends from the Long Island Flyrodders and Long Island Trout Unlimited will once again host and coordinate StreamClean. Every year this group gives back to the area they take so much pleasure in fishing. They gather at the Center between 8 and 9 am, get an assigned area, grab some garbage bags and scour the stream banks to pick up any refuse that has collected after the winter’s high waters. In the past they have been joined by local and distant scouts and TGF to make haste of the waste. Usually completed around lunchtime, garbage bags are left on Old Route 17, to be picked up and taken to the Livingston Manor Dump. All participants then return to the Center for a barbecue that the LIFR provide at no charge. They do all the cooking on the gas grill they donated three years ago. If all works out right, Hendricksons will be on the water at 2PM and a spinner fall will follow. LIFR and TU welcome your help. We all thank them for their help in maintaining our clean rivers.

For more information, contract Paul McCain

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