Think Spring!


With less than two weeks away from the Opening Day of Trout season, the snow fall in the Catskills area was an unexpected surprise from Mother Nature. Reflecting on a winter that majority of us are ready to be done with, perhaps the average angler has accomplished a variety of items to be proud of. Maybe fly boxes are more robust due to the many nights spent tying flies. Perhaps gear has been evaluated, mended or purchased new. Some may have even gone digital in organizing photos of past trips, memorable fish or even mapped out new spots to hit up with current technology of topographical maps. Selected anglers might have traveled far to chase away the winter blues, or armchair traveled to exotic locations via videos or TV shows. Or maybe the wish list continues due to family or health needs and hours spent daydreaming about being on the water.

On the first day of Spring, it is time to spring into action. Opening day for many states are within a month or so. Take some time to reflect on your to do list and surprise yourself by getting it done.

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