To be or not to be

A dilemma that faces an angler is gear. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned angler, the want and need for gear is real. On a basic level one would essentially need a fly rod, reel, and flies to go fishing. This gear will get the job done, yet it can become tricky in a quick second. Do you carry a net or not? Do you wear a vest or carry a sling pack? Do you upgrade, replace or make do with what you have? New innovations and new items quickly become enticing to the eye. Emails, Facebook posts and Twitter feeds show off new gear. A visit to your local fly shop has new gear on display that is ready to go home for the next adventure on the river. The glossy magazines arrive in the mail and further enhance the allure to purchase “stuff”. However, is it necessary? In examining the idea of becoming a gear head, one must first think about what is their “go to” gear and what gear is absolutely essential in their angling pursuit. Reflecting on this question, I have found that I am not a gear head, but do have some important items that are my “go to” on the water. After careful decision, my top items (excluding rod and reel) would be: sunglasses, hat, nippers, forceps, two rolls of tippet, cell phone, watermelon chewing gum and my small Cliff box. These are staples in my sling pack and they fit in my wader pockets. Weighing out the options, it’s now your turn. What is your “go to” gear? What can you “to be, or not to be” with? Share your thoughts and comment below.

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