Year of the Hendrickson: March 8th 1915

Roy Steenrod
Courtesy of Dette Trout Flies

Bradley, N.Y
March 8, 1915

Dear Mr. Steenrod:
I must spend at least a week at Kenosa Lake, if I am good for anything at all. It is just about my idea, I fancy, of a place where I can do my work and have a little fishing during the summer- if I could find a nice quiet place, with good sized room. Since the hot nights last July I have grown to hate very small rooms. Then I spend a good deal of time in my room. I am so glad to have beaten those jealous fishermen and got up to date information about Bellefonte. They have no public spirit at all.

Theodore Gordon

Edited by John McDonald, by permission of Theodore Gordon Flyfishers.

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