Come Cast! Competitive Casting Competitions @ Summerfest

Come Cast!  Competitive Casting Competitions @ Summerfest    

Casting competitions are not  fly fishing competitions.  They are simply distance and accuracy casting challenges to test one’s skills.   This is a fine opportunity to take a look at your own ability as a caster.  You can have some fun by bringing everyone in your local club or organization to finally find out ‘”just who is the best caster in the bunch”; challenge a friend; set a personal goal; but most of all, have fun.   You never know, eventually…every dog has his day.


Now there are Three Different Casting Opportunities:

The 5th Annual Hardy Cup Bamboo Rod Casting Tournament, Hardy/Royal Wulff Fly Line Graphite Rod Casting Classic and Tycoon Trophy Fiberglass Rod/ ‘406’ Line Casting Challenge

All contestants will be judged on three casts:  two for distance and one for accuracy.  Each Contestant will have up to six practice casts before completing three competitive casts.   All lines will be required to have a 7.5’ leader.


  • The 5th  Annual Hardy Cup – Bamboo Rod Casting Competition. Casters must provide their own rod, reel and flyline with 7.5’ leader.  Top three finishers will receive a Hardy Fly Reel. The Winner’s name will be engraved on the Hardy Cup that will resides permanently in the Catskill fly Fishing Museum.


  • The Hardy/Royal Wulff Fly Line Graphite Rod Casting Classic. All casters will cast a Hardy Zenith 4PC 9’ 5W rod with Hardy Ultralite 4000DD reel lined with a Royal Wulff Triangle Taper  flyline.

There will be three divisions:

All Casters 16 years of age and younger

Male Casters 17 years of age and older

Women’s division

Awards will be presented to all three divisions finishers


  • Tycoon Trophy Fiberglass Rod/ ‘406’ Line  Casting Challenge

All casters will cast a Tycoon Tackle Fiberglass Fly Rod lined with a ‘409’ fly line formulated just for casting fiberglass

fly rods.  Awards will be presented to top three finishers. The Winner’s name will be engraved on the Tycoon Trophy

that will reside permanently in the Catskill fly Fishing Museum.


  • and…..The Triple Crown. 

Just for the fun of it, we will be challenging the top three finishers of the Hardy Cup Competition to a Cast

Off. Casters will be invited to cast in the remaining two competitions for an overall score.  The person with the high-

est total points will be declared Champ of the Catskill Fly Fishing Center Casting Challenges 2015.


(Casters can compete in only one Competition, but can cast for fun in any other or all three).  All Casters will have a chance to win as each caster will receive a ticket for a random drawing to win several prizes.

Casting will be held in conjunction of Summerfest 2015 Saturday, August 1 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM and August 2, from 9:30 AM to 12 NOON.


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