Catskill Legends

Founded in 2014, the CFFCM Catskill Legends honors individuals who have contributed their expertise to impact, educate and share the history and knowledge of the Catskills. They continue the tradition of the Catskill fly fishing community started long ago when anglers began to wet a line in the local waters. It is these individuals who have kept the Catskill spirit to protect the area as a premier fishery of interest to all who visit the local streams and surroundings. The Legends are fly fishing pioneers who discovered and appreciated the richness of the rivers and stream in the Catskills. They are conservation stewards, authors, historians, and anglers who have shared their Catskill experience and allowed others to follow in their footsteps to create their own experience. Their heritage is the cornerstone for future generations of legends.

This year, the CFFCM is proud to announce the 2016 Catskill Legends: Stan Cooper Jr., Tom Satterthwaite, Ray Smith. A Ceremony and Recognition Dinner will be held on April 1, 2016 in the Wulff Gallery. Reception at 5:30 PM and Dinner to follow. To order tickets, visit

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