March Madness Book Sale


Eric-Leiser-Placeholder_250Volunteer Nina Daley has been working on our library system for the past year. She has created the ultimate list in fishing book titles that we have seen to date. As always, the list goes out via mail to
all our members. Since bulk mail can be a bit slow, we wait until March 15th to take orders. As the mail comes in, the first one opened is # 1 and it goes from there. It really is the luck of the draw how the mail gets opened and where your order falls in the pile. Some books we have duplicate copies of, maybe an unsigned or a later printing so even if the one on the list is sold, all is not lost. We fill the books on the orders that come first in the mail, then we move to phones, emails and faxes. Phone orders cannot be placed until the morning of the 15th, and will again be, first come, first served. It is the best way we have been able to make it work and be fair to everyone. It is a good idea to have an A list and a B list in case some of your “must haves” are someone else’s “must haves” as well. In the event you send in a check for books that have already sold you, have the choice of making a donation to the Center or receiving a refund. This year’s list is one you will want to check and check again for those titles you have been looking for.

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