CFFCM “Spring Clean Up” Work Days

Dear All,

The Catskills Fly Fishing Center and Museum in Livingston Manor will be having its first “spring cleanup” work day on Saturday, April 29.

We’re looking for volunteers who will help for a couple of hours in the morning – and then be free to spend the afternoon (and/or evening) fishing.  This initial cleanup will include raking, trimming and general yard work (it’s too early to plant).  We’ll start at 9:30 a.m. and knock off around 12:00 noon.

As we all know, there are endless projects around our “house” that can always use attention.  If there are a few more ambitious individuals (or a group) we have some tasks (like fixing the porch) that really need attention.

This year our cleanup and planting efforts come as part of a $2500 grant through Sullivan Renaissance that is also a beautification competition.  If we do a miraculous job of raising the appearance at the center we could win several thousand dollars more in August.

So we will also need help on May 13, when we will be planting shrubs and trees – both along our path and at the stream bank.  The third date (not firm yet) will be either June 17 or 24.  A fourth date will be scheduled in July.

Any help on any of these days would be greatly appreciated.  Please save at least one date and spread the word to other members, like-minded organizations and your friends.

Call the center at: (845) 845-439-4810 if you can come – so we know how many pairs of work gloves to buy.  And bring a rake or clippers or other equipment.  Or contact Jean Gobillot at if you have other questions or suggestions in regards to volunteers.

Thanks everyone.

-Glenn Pontier

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