Charmed Circle

Exhibits in the museum are changed regularly.  They include historical moments in fly fishing, the people who have contributed to fly fishing, equipment, art, and current affairs.

Permanent exhibits on display are: the Darbees, Dettes, Poul Jorgensen, Lee Wulff, Art Flick, and the Charmed Circle of the Catskills containing vignettes of those that made the Catskills famous: Gordon, Hewitt, LaBranche, Steenrod, Christian, Cross, Smith, and Flick.

The museum also contains a  safe  and climate controlled acquisition room, library for archive and research, and the first and only working bamboo rod making museum and workshop containing some of the finest functional historical machinery and equipment, a testimony to the historical Hudson Valley rod makers and their techniques.

2017 Exhibits…Coming Soon

In the Museum:

T.C. Cairns– the one armed flyfisher is in his second year gracing the walls. T.C. was an outdoor enthusiast who enjoyed fly fishing, tying flies and hunting. What made T.C. a standout was the fact that he did all these activities with his right arm as he was born without a left one. T.C’s flies can be seen and are a testament to those with disabilities who overcome the odds and find their happiness.

The Musings of Jack Pangburn–  A long time member, Jack’s drawings and numerous sketches of fly fishing related items and the natural environment are loved by many.  Selected items are on display and will certainly bring a smile to your face.

The Tree of American Fly Fishing– When did you first pick up a fly rod and make your first cast? Do you remember being hooked? Consider being a part of this interactive exhibit and sharing when you started fly fishing. Come to the museum and be a part of the growing tree.

Fly Fishing in Advertising– Memorable past times often make good backdrops for advertisements. Think back to print magazines, newspapers, posters and commercials where images of fly fishing inspired product sales. Come see what the ads throughout the decades that showcase notions of the fly fishing world and lifestyle.


In the Wulff Gallery

Lee Wulff Bush Pilot– In the 1930’s and 40’s Lee Wulff spent his time exploring and fishing remote areas Newfoundland and Labrador via planes. Working with established fishing camps and hatcheries for Atlantic Salmon and Brook trout, items from this time period illustrate the beauty and ingenuity utilized by Lee as he promoted conservation and fly fishing in this pristine region. See a scale reproduction soaring above the Gallery and examine items from Lee’s personal collection- from compass instruments to permits and licenses, you certainly want to view these items in person.

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