Lee Wulff Conservation Award

Established by Joan Wulff in 2003, the Lee Wulff Conservation Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the preservation of wild game fish and their habitat through protection of the waters,  catch and release, and/or education programs for youngsters.

Previous recipients of the award are:

Philip Chase 2003

Gardner Grant 2004

Steven Sloan 2005

Robert Boyle 2007

John Waldron 2014

For his dedication to the education and introduction of thousands of students to flyfishing, John Waldron will be presented the Lee Wulff Conservation Award after the  Fly Fishing Hall of Fame Dinner on Saturday, October 11, in the Wulff Gallery.

Over his  past 36+ year involvement with The Brotherhood of the Junglecock, John has done it all.  He started as a student, taught both flytying and flyfishing,  served as officers and president in both the Pennsylvania and Parent Maryland Chapters and, with Stan Zattosky  founded the NY Chapter of the Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock (BOJC)  with their first campfire  in 1997.  After serving six years as NY/BOJC, John remains very active with the chapter overseeing program development, operations and management of the organization.



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