Rodmakers Gallery

Established in 2004, this gallery annually honors those individuals whose actions and deeds over a period of time have significantly contributted to the advancement of the craft of bamboo Rodmaking.  It is these individuals who have made it possible for people today to take up and pursue the craft following in their footsteps.  This Gallery is not just for famous rodmakers but for those who love the craft and share their knowledge.  This Gallery will also serve to let the new rodmaker know who has come before them in this great tradition.

George Barnes – 2004

John Bokstrom – 2004

Paul Dahlie – 2004

Harold & Eileen Demarest – 2004

Bill Fink – 2004

Hoagy Bix Carmichael – 2005

Everett Garrison – 2005

Edwin walter Hartzell, Jr. – 2005

Edwin John “Ted” Knott – 2005

Dawn Holbrook – 2006

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