The Catskill Fly Fishing Center is an education center for fly fishers of every age. We teach fly fishing, fly tying, stream life, healthy conservation and environmental practices, casting, history and crafts, etc. Ours is an all around facility: the largest of its kind in the world.

Youth Education:
Since the Center’s  inception, we have had a variety of youth education programs to educate, encourage and ultimately produce the next generation of fly fishers.

One of our long-time relationships has been with a youth fly fishing education organization,  The Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock. For those who do not know this group, it originated with the sole purpose to  “… individually undertake annually to take at least one boy a-fishing, instructing him, as best we know, in the responsibilities that are soon to be wholly his.” The Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock derives its name from the waxed neck feathers of the jungle fowl. This feather is used as cheeks on many streamers and full dressed Atlantic salmon. The club is often referred to as the BJOC.

The BJOC/NY Chapter, est.1997 has held an annual three-day weekend at Timber Lake Lodge, just a couple of miles from here.  The students have used our facilities for education and adjacent water for classes on insects, reading water, how to wade, how to fly fish and ultimately for fishing. They have had well in excess of 100 attendees a year, producing many young fly fishers. This program requires that a parent attend with their child. The cost is $130 for the weekend ($130 for the parent and first child and  $50 for each additional child. Many single parents participate in the event.

Equipment, meals and bunk housing are included. In recent years we have provided scholarships for those who cannot afford this weekend. If you are interested in donating money to sponsor a student, we welcome your support. Another way you can help us is to donate real flyfishing equipment. Cortland has a package that includes a Cortland line, reel, backing, leader, etc and a 4 piece 7 ft 6″ 4/5W  4-piece fly rod that is ‘real’ equipment, making learning a pleasant experience first time out. We have a special arrangement with CFFCM Partner, Cortland to be able to provide the students this package for $75.

To learn more about the BJOC program, started in 1940, visit: If you would like more information on the 2014 BJOC/NY program, we will gladly send a brochure.

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