Bill Elliott Salmon Plate Raffle

salmonboxThis is Bill Elliott’s most recent hand colored lithograph. It’s a portrait of a female Atlantic Salmon with classic tackle. The lithograph is number 1/55 and also has 2 color original remarques. It is a shadowbox framed with 4 mattes float mounted. The frame has 11 full dressed Salmon flies tied by some of Canada’s greatest talents and signed by each of them, featured in the center is a 5/0 Jock Scott tied by Bob MacDonald who’s work appeared on the cover of the Atlantic Salmon Journal. Bill Elliott, the artist, did the entire work on this project. It is a one of a kind and will never be duplicated. This special raffle is offered to raise money to benefit the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum. Ticket sales are limited to 600! Included in the raffle are unique bamboo rods and a winner will be drawn every other month. (Winners of the Rods are still eligible for the Salmon Frame.) The drawings will take place on the 3rd of each month, ending in December at our Holiday Party.


To purchase your tickets, please call the office at 845-439-4810. Ticket cost: $50.00.



Schedule of drawings will be as follows:

May 3rd – Steve Claar 7.6 4W 2/1PC Bamboo Rod—Winner Lee Meadow

Steve Claar is one of our newer builders. He is a long time fly tier that took up rodbuilding, first working with graphite, then becoming interested in restoring bamboo rods. In 2010 he built his first bamboo rod from scratch, and has made quick progress since. Winning the Demarest competition is impressive for such a new builder.

July 3rd – Bob Colson light salmon 8.10 7W 3/2 Bamboo Rod – Winner

Bob Colson is a long time rodmaker, having begun working with bamboo in the late 1970’s, at the very beginning of the bamboo revival. He has specialized in salmon rods, with a particular emphasis on true spey rods. The rod in the raffle is a fine example of a single hand grilse rod.

September 3rd – Al Baldauski “The Winner” 7.8 5W 2PC this rod won the Demarest Challenge 2010

Al Baldauski is an electrical engineer with a strong manufacturing background. He has been building rods for some time now, becoming interested very quickly in the properties of bamboo and the design of rod tapers. The rod in the raffle is as good an example as can be found of an all around bamboo trout rod.

November 3rd – Masaki Takemoto – Hollow built T construction 8.6 8/9W 3/2PC

Masaki Takemoto is an extraordinarily innovative rodmaker. He was the first winner of the Hardy Cup competition, and has been a strong competitor every year since. His rods are extremely light, but engineered to withstand the rigors of both competition and fishing. They are quite lovely to look at as well. He has become a great friend of the Catskill Center.

December 3rd – Bill Elliott Salmon Frame with 11 Salmon Flies


Bob MacDonald

Bryant Freeman

Bill Carpin

Damian Welch
Dwayne Miller
Nic Clory
Jacques Haroux
Jerome Molloy
Lloyd Lutese
Luc Carrier
Marc LeBlanc





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